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The coaches are amazing. They're welcoming. Great fun with the kids and the fact that the classes revolve around children's learning and development through the sessions and not just football helped my daughters development massively.

Kris Hughes

The coaches are very welcoming and take the time to know the children. The activities are always fun and keep the little ones entertained. My little one is super engaged and has a can do attitude due to the classes and coaches. She looks forward to little kickers every week a very happy little lady.


I have taken my daughter for nearly a year now and she loves it.

The coaches are excellent, very friendly and are always improving and looking for ways to improve classes.

It must be incredibly difficult taking a class of 1 and a half to 2 and a half year olds but they manage it very well!

My daughter has grown from strength to strength. Her social skills a hugely benefit as well as her coordination and motor skills. Even subjects like colours, shapes and numbers are incorporated. She absolutely loves the coaches and it is all round fantastic.

She has made lots of little friends she loves and as a parent, I have also forged great friendships and new friends with similar lifestyles. 10/10!

Betsy Hartley

Little kickers has been incredible. My daughter has been going for the last year and she loves every session, everyone is so friendly and patient. It’s helped her develop so much and now she tells me daily she wants to be a footballer.

Francesca Adams

Our little girl loves little kickers. She’s been going since 18 months old, it’s improved her listening skills, confidence and the importance of sharing/waiting her turn.

Claire Emmott
Fantastic coaches, everyone is involved from parents to grandparents, classes for different ages, my grandson can't wait to go every Saturday he loves it, would recommend Little Kickers to anyone.

Pauline Makin Matthews
My son joined Little Kickers almost a year ago in Manchester when he was 1.5 years old. I started to see improvement in a few months of time. Definitely recommend for small children as it’s not just ball kicking, but fun colour learning and trying to understand left from right. Very happy with coach Matt!

Linda Legzdiņa
Amazing classes, lovely coaches! My son absolutely loves his football practice!

Zornitsa Taskova

My son absolutely LOVES Little Kickers! He adores his coaches so much and begs to take Lenny home every week! The coaches are fantastic and have really helped my wild child to listen to instruction, take turns and develop skills he didn't have before.

Natalie Elson

My little boy had his first session with coach John today and he absolutely loved it. John was a natural with the children & Rowan came away from the session saying ‘that was amazing mummy, can we go again’. Highly recommended!

Emily Hufton

It’s great to see how much my son has progressed throughout his lessons at Little Kickers in Witham. Coach John and his team are fantastic and give the support and encouragement needed to all of the children in the group. My son's confidence has really boosted and I can’t thank the coaches enough, he loves his football lessons!

Jamie Smith

My little boy attends Little Kickers Knutsford. He has been kicking a ball around since he started crawling but I did still wonder whether he would be too young for the session but I was totally wrong. I myself am an early years teacher and week after week I watch the games and can clearly see how each of them has a direct link to all the development stages we focus on in school. The children develop so many skills without even realising. I would strongly recommend this to all my friends.

Laura Tracanna

1st class today. My 18 month old had the opportunity to run off lots of steam as well as learn about colours, body parts and obviously kicking a ball. He loved interacting with the other children.

Emma Johnston

My little boy has been coming to Braintree Little Kickers since September, every week he loves kicking the ball around the hall and into the goals. Coach John and his team are very friendly and make us feel very welcome every week! My little boy is growing in confidence with every week he attends!

Danielle Thompson

My son has excelled since joining Little Kickers. he absolutely loves it and the coaches are fantastic.

Michela Clements

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